Posament Database

It all started with a paper copy of Birka III: My interest for posaments was woken. Since then I collected a lot of images, texts and other information about posamentes on my computer. To bring structure to the pile of files I created this database. The effort is not worth for one person alone, so I'm sharing it here and hope that more people can use it.

The Posament Database is not finished, I have a lot of ideas for improvements which I plan to work on in the future. I will log all future changes on this page.

The author

The posament database was created by Florian Eibeck, a viking reenactor and posament maker.

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Feedback welcome!

Any kind of feedback is appreciated, please send an email (contact information in the page footer). Please let me know if you have something to add or noticed any errors in the data of this page.