This database is a collection of source material about viking age posaments.


The page itself is written in English but most of the sources about posaments were published in other languages. So don't be surprised to find a lot of non-English texts here. If you want to help out with translations, please drop me an email!

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Any kind of feedback is appreciated, please send an email (contact information in the page footer). Please let me know if you have something to add or noticed any errors in the data of this page.

Help wanted!

The posaments from Beloretschensk are published in Russian. Since I cannot read Russian I'm not sure if the information I got about the text is very accurate. It would be great if someone speaking Russian could help out and extract the relevant texts in Russian from the reports and provide a translation for that. See the 1896 Report of the Imperial Archeological Commission and the Album of Drawings from 1882—1898 Reports of the Imperial Archeological Commission for the original texts. If you are able and willing to help please contact me!

The same goes for the collar from Suzdal which is also from Russia.

Latest Changes

Added grave Timerevo 348 with a version of a P10 posament. The text indicates some sort of gilding of the posament which is quite unique, but given the automatic translation I'm not sure about that. Thanks to David Stříbrný for bringing this to my attention.
Added posaments from Ladby and new image of posament P15 from Birka.
Minor technical changes and software updates.
Initial release on http://database.birkaposamente.de